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I lived in Estonia for almost two years before I decided that enough was enough. I am an open minded person and it was an honor to work and live there. But I got tired of being aloneElin sits in a car somewhere in Great Britain in the summer of 2014. I missed my family and friends terribly, and when I realized that I rarely had the chance to meet my colleagues, worked overtime several times a week, was crying from exhaustion when I went home every evening, then I chose to leave. My plan was to study for a year or two, but fate had other plans. Now I have been happily unemployed for half a year, and I have had the chance to travel around Europe and meet friends and experience wonderful things. I am overjoyed. But of course I want to find a job soon where I can grow as a person and do things that I love.

Something I used to be happy about was to read and write about pro cycling. The last two years I just haven't had the chance to do it, as I worked with news and got super tired of all the news I heard all day long. I love to read magazines and books, but it was too overwhelming. I could not handle it.

Nowadays I don't desperately search for news to read, but I force myself to read a little just in order to keep up with everyday conversation.

Not having a job, however, is great for my shape. In April this year, I started to run. I have swum and biked a lot before, but I could not run more than 200 meters before I lost my breath. But suddenly I could. And it made me really proud of myself. And today, I run 10 km in under an hour. For me it is quite incredible.

In addition to this, I have improved my swimming technique and I have started to ride my bike much, much more than ever before. Sure, I'm far from being a racing cyclist, but I hope that I will be able to complete a triathlon this summer in an okay time. I'm not looking to become a professional athlete, Most people should not try to become elite athletes, and I am no exception. It's just not healthy.

However, I admire people who have the right focus and who can deal with the amount of training. And who succeed with their elite programme. It requires extremely hard work to be successful. Earlier when I wrote this blog, I focused mostly on the athletes and the races they rode, but in the future I will also write more about what it actually takes to ride a Grand Tour or become a pro cyclist.

See you soon/ Elin
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