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Coyot dies following car accident

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So, so sad.

The former professional rider Arnaud Coyot died following a road traffic accident near Beauvais, in France, on Sunday morning.

Current Cofidis professional Guillaume Levarlet, and Ag2r La Mondiale rider Sébastien Minard were also present in the car.

The driver, Guillaume Levarlet, lost control and the car hit a metal barrier

Coyot was taken to hospital in Amiens, where he died from his injuries.

Le Courrier Picard reports that Levarlet was detained by police after the accident. Luckily, Levarlet and Sébastien Minard were uninjured. It appears that Leverlet may have been drinking alcohol prior to the accident. Never a good idea.

Arnaud Coyot was a professional from 2003 to 2012. He participated in four Tour de France, and claim victory at the 2006 Classic Haribo. Coyot retired at the end of the 2012. The reason was a persistent knee injury.

A concussion - how exciting

Category: Life

So yesterday, I was swimming and I received a strong kick from a very fat swimmer in my head. So I currently have a concussion, not a too serious one though. Just enough to make me aware that something happened, and that I should take it easy. Easier said than done though. Hopefully I get rid of this headache and dizziness very soon.

Lagutin changes nationality

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Sergey Lagutin signed for the Rusvelo team for the 2014 season. Now he has also revealed that he will ride under a Russian licence instead of an Uzbek one. I'm not surprised.

Lagutin is a seven-time Uzbekistan national champion and won the under-23 world championships road race in Hamilton in 2003.

As Vacansoleil-DCM folds, Lagutin had to search for a new team. At first, he hoped to find a place on Katusha for 2014. But it was not possible, and instead he signed a contract with Katusha's associated Pro Continental team, Rusvelo.

“I was in contact with two teams and both of them asked me to wait until September but I wasn’t happy with that kind of situation,” Lagutin told R-Sport. “But I also spoke with Viatcheslav Ekimov, who told me that there wasn’t any space at that time at Katusha, and advised me to contact Renat Khamidulin at Rusvelo.”

He felt that he connected with Khamidulin and he eventually signed with the team.

“Renat invited me to visit the team’s base on Lake Garda and made a mini presentation for me. It was a very professional approach and I realised that I was not going to feel like a foreigner as I did on the Dutch teams, where priority was given to local riders.” Lagutin said. “At the Rusvelo team, I’ll be treated as an athlete with experience and I will have a chance to contribute to the project.”

I don't know why, but when riding for Vacansoleil and earlier Landbouwkrediet-Colnago, he somehow has seemed insecure. But when hanging around with Russians, like in Navigators and now in Rusvelo, he seems a lot more confident, and also happier.

The 2013 season surely was no good at all, and he said that it was the worst of his career.

“My shape was good but the results just never came,” said Lagutin.

“I hope Rusvelo can get invitations to WorldTour races. Personally, I love the Tour of the Basque Country, the Tour of Switzerland and the Tour of Poland, but the main goal for me next season will be the Russian national championships.”