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Brussels, here I come

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I shall go to Belgium in some couple of minutes. Yes, it will be fun! I will miss you all but I'll write a report when I'm home again. Nicolas, take care in Martinique, you know I care for your health and your happiness. Love you!

Sergey Lagutin, come on, come on, come on. There's just one more stage and I know you'll do it fantasticly good. The Tour of California has been a great competition for him, and he did so well last night. 

Okay. Once again, I love you all, I shall have a great time and I hope you'll too.  

Tour of California

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Sergey Lagutin is still doing fine, he's amazing.

Brief results

1 Juan José Haedo (Arg) Team CSC                     3.56.04
2 Greg Henderson (NZl) T-mobile                            
3 Paolo Bettini (Ita) Quick Step                           
4 Thor Hushovd (Nor) Credit Agricole                       
5 Fred Rodriguez (USA) Predictor-Lotto                     
6 Robert Förster (Ger) Gerolsteiner                        
7 Luca Paolini (Ita) Liquigas                              
8 Alexander Candelario (USA) Jelly Belly                   
9 Alejandro Acton (Arg) Colavita Sutter Home               
10 Russell Downing (GBr) Health Net p/b Maxxis             
11 Hilton Clarke (Aus) Navigators                          
12 David Vitoria (Swi) BMC                                 
13 Bart Dockx (Bel) Predictor-Lotto                        
14 Shawn Milne (USA) Health Net p/b Maxxis                 
15 Bram De Groot (Ned) Rabobank                            
16 Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators                         
17 Jurgen Van De Walle (Bel) Quick Step                    
18 Taylor Tolleson (USA) Team Slipstream p/b Chipotle      
19 Benjamin Jacques-Maynes (USA) Priority Health           
20 Stuart O'Grady (Aus) Team CSC                           
21 Jens Voigt (Ger) Team CSC                               
22 Jackson Stewart (USA) BMC                               
23 Veleriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Navigators                     
24 Cyril Lemoine (Fra) Credit Agricole                     
25 Levi Leipheimer (USA) Discovery Channel                 

Sprint 1
1 Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators                          
2 Graeme Brown (Aus) Rabobank                              
3 Stuart O'Grady (Aus) Team CSC                            
Sprint 2
1 Stuart O'Grady (Aus) Team CSC                            
2 Michael Rogers (Aus) T-mobile                            
3 Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Quick Step                       
Final sprint
1 Juan José Haedo (Arg) Team CSC                          15 pts
2 Greg Henderson (NZl) T-mobile                           12
3 Paolo Bettini (Ita) Quick Step                          10
4 Thor Hushovd (Nor) Credit Agricole                       7
5 Fred Rodriguez (USA) Predictor-Lotto                     6
6 Robert Förster (Ger) Gerolsteiner                        5
7 Luca Paolini (Ita) Liquigas                              4
8 Alexander Candelario (USA) Jelly Belly                   3
9 Alejandro Acton (Arg) Colavita Sutter Home               2
10 Russell Downing (GBr) Health Net p/b Maxxis             1

I tell you more tomorrow morning, if I have the time. Love

My ear hurts (again)

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Tour of California Stage 6

Very exciting, though I couldn't see any pictures at first, but then I could and Juan Jose Haedo made it so well. He won today's stage, which was great. He's a cool guy, and very good. And I'm happy he's in the Team CSCsquad now. And yes, I hope Sergey Lagutin can become a member of that team. But I don't think he will, but that's still my dream. All my favourite riders in the same team, fantastic.

1 Juan José Haedo (Team CSC)
2 Greg Henderson (T-mobile)
3 Paolo Bettini (Quick Step)
4 Thor Hushovd (Credit Agricole)
5 Fred Rodriguez (Predictor Lotto)

I tell you tomorrow, before going to Belgium the results. Love / Elin