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A difficult choice

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After searching for a laptop sleeve for hours I finally found an amazing one in the USA (I think). Just look at it It's so Elin. Childish and special. And I will be lonely about having it on the train to Stockholm everyday, don't you think? I don't know if I can buy it though as Sweden is so far away. I have to think about it and decide if this is really what I want. But at this moment, yes, I do think so. Sorry if you suddenly see me in a totally new way, but if there is something I really dislike then it is being normal. I like having things my own ways and don't care too much what "fashion professionals" says. I buy things if I fall in love with it instantly otherwise I can find something much better. Oh, here was another one too Now it will be difficult to choose.

Love/ Elin

It makes me crazy!

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Today I am searching for a nice looking laptop sleeve but it's much harder than I thought. I have seen beautiful bags from a brand called Golla. The problem is that they only have beautiful bags, and I don't need a bag. I just need a sleeve to put inside my usual bag. Anyway, I found some nice ones but sadly they were for Mac and were only sold in the US. I don't want something normal. I don't want a black sleeve. I want something colourful or with some picture on it. I saw a nice one with a reindeer somewhere but it was for large computers. Oh, why is it so difficult to find something beautiful and special? Any ideas for a laptop à la 12"?

You've been a little too headstrong

Category: Cycling

Hi, it feels good 'cause finally people in Sweden have the chance for some sun. Yesterday I was out walking and I wore a low-necked dress and I had a shoulder bag over my left shoulder, so what happened? Now I am red over my right shoulder and white over my left. It looks a bit funny. I have a perfect tan on my arms, but as I always wore t-shirts when I was abroad I have not got any tan on my shoulders at all.

Cadel Evans won't go to Beijing. Surprise? No, but I would have been happy if he could have told us before. I mean, at first the rider himself clearlu didn't believe anything was wrong.

"I slipped on a wet floor on Sunday night and my team doctor immediately had a look at it and said not to worry," said Evans. "I immediately headed back to the hotel and to bed and on Monday morning I felt a bit sore but didn't feel I'd done any damage.

"But on the flight home my knee began to swell up so I had to consider going to see a specialist who recommended cancelling my ride in the criterium in Belgium in favour of getting some scans done," said Evans. "It's not a major injury but it's something I will have to manage carefully."
Injuries happen and it's good that he takes it easy now so that the injury is not worsen. It's not completely clear that the rider will not go to the Olympic Games for the road race, but the time trial is over. Three-time World Champion, Michael Rogers, has qualified one starting position for the men's time trial at the Olympic Games. So instead of Cadel Evans we will see Michael Rogers. Fun, but I wouldn't count of great results for Michael Rogers. He does not seem to be as good as he once was.