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I see you soon

Category: Life

I guess this is the time to say that I will write a message here as soon as I can. But enjoy your live until then and be happy. I, myself, will go to Russia and it will be great. See you soon.

In and out

Category: Life

I have moved out from my room now, and I am sitting here in front of one of the computers in school and I feel so tired in my head. Perhaps because I had not the best sleep ever. I was very anxious about something. Maybe because I had no sheet in my bed, but a plaid. Plus I had no things in my room so it was too calm. But now I have moved out and it feels okay. But I sure will need to sleep better tonight.

Ps. I think we will soon hear another story about doping. A story about a star cyclist today.

Nothing's gonna change my world

Category: Cycling

Yesterday I wished to write a message about feebleminded people. I am such person too. I can stand in the shop for 15 minutes and wonder what kind of jam I will buy. But yesterday I had sport men/women in my mind. As I was going to tell you yesterday, a Swedish ice hockey player in my home team, Nyköpings hockey, who seems to have been dilly-dallying for a half year about what team he shall play in. And he always says no because according to him he has a better option, but he never says yes to that other team. Another guy with the same problem seem, or maybe not, to be Sergey Lagutin, my Uzbek pro cyclists who could be better than everyone. Rumours say that he will sign a contract with the American squad Bissell Pro Cycling Team, which is the former Health Net Pro Cycling Team Presented by Maxxis, but he never seems to sign it anyway. At least no one says he has. Not even the team.

Okay, but today's news seems to be nicer. I heard it yesterday but was way too much tired to write anything at all. So I give it to you now instead. Our Swedish cyclist, Gustav Larsson, will ride for the Danish Team CSC squad. I want all undoped cyclists to ride in Team CSC always. I especially want Sergey Lagutin to ride in the squad. That would be fantastic. But Larsson is a good signing, plus he is Swedish. Of course. Time to eat a small breakfast and then bake some muffins. Love