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Söderling did the unthinkable (again)

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Exactly one year ago I wrote a post about tennis player Robin Soderling and now it's happening again. He won the quarter-finals at French Open today over world number one Roger Federer. It is so fantastic that I can hardly understand it.

Soderling has lost 12 times to Federer but now it finally was time for the Swede. He played great tennis. The Swede won 3-1. Not bad.

I don't care much of Swedish athletes and what they are doing. I love Russia and Uzbekistan much more when it comes to sport. I am Swedish though and surely you hear all names when you walk around the city or read the news paper. I am proud when athletes like Gustav Larsson, Thomas Löfkvist and Robin Söderling win stages or competitions or whatever. But I wouldn't care less if some boring old football team wins something.

I won't say much more about it, but hey, I like when Robin Söderling beats the greatest tennis players of today. I was extremely happy when he beat Rafael Nadal last year, but this victory was almost more fun.

Both times, however, he has surprised most experts by doing the unthinkable. The things that no one in their wildest imagination would have hoped for. And it shows that Söderling is better than you can imagine. He will become something big one day, but he must take care of his knee.

Love/ Elin

What difference does it make?

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Cyclist Tom Boonen is not the only person who has been found positive for cocaine in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday French L'Equipe reported that French tennis player Richard Richard Gasquet tested positive for the drug after Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Florida. There was traced of the banned drug in his urine sample, this happened after he had pulled out of that tournament in March. If the B-sample comes back positive then Gasquet could face a two-year ban, and yes, it must be said that the difference between Boonen and Gasquet’s case are that Gasquet tested positive during the tournament, while Boonen tested positive in an out-of-competition test when he had no races. Gasquet withdrew from his opening match against Spain's Albert Montanes because of a shoulder injury, but since the match in Miami he has played two tournaments, reaching the second round of the clay-court tournament in Barcelona and the third round in Rome. Gasquet has been seen as a talent in tennis since he was nine years old and was photographed on the front cover of a French tennis magazine. But he has lacked the lust for competition in the last couple of years and maybe he should need to take a break at this moment and stop playing tennis for a while. Surely Richard Gasquet and his management company had not yet responded over the case, so we don’t know yet what is going around in their minds, but I believe we will find out tonight.

It's charming, isn't it?

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Hi, I am back again but today has surely not been the most exciting one ever. Few things seem to have happened in the world of cycling and other sport, and nothing has happened in my personal life. Even worse as the connection to the internet has decided not to work, but just on my computer. Very funny! *Ironic*

Well, sure, the Swedish tennis player Robin Söderling took his second Lyon Grand Prix title. This means he will enter
he will enter the top 20 for the first time when the latest ATP rankings are released on Monday.

"Being in the top 20 has always been a goal of mine," he added. "My new goal is the top 10. If I keep playing well, I think I can make it."

To me Söderling has always been a player that I have looked at a bit more carefully, he is Swedish and he is about my age so it's fun to see how he improves. Sadly it has been difficult for him, and it seems he has retrograde instead. Top 20 is not too bad though, even though it will be hard to reach his dream to be in top 10. I wish he will be able to do that, but I am not sure that he will. Hopefully though he will feel better in the future.