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I wonder if Alberto Contador is really happy about having to race with Lance Armstrong this season. I have the feeling that he isn't too happy about the American's comeback and he is a bit scared that he would lose his role as team leader.

"If we both stick to our schedules, there won't be a problem," added the Spaniard.

Yes, if they stick to their schedule but let's say both riders would race together, who would be the team leader? Or will they keep away from each other as much as possible? Still he is a bit excited about being in the same team as the seven-time winner of the Tour.
"For me, it's a pleasure to be in the same team as a man whom I have always admired."
He also said earlier that he is unsure of Lance Armstrong's competitive level, but I am pretty sure he has some idea now as they have been out riding together. But it's true, Armstrong may be old and it's not sure that he will win anything at all, but he can strengthen the team. And surely he will be a role model for his team mates.

Rise to the heights of all you can be

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Vacansoleil Pro Cycling Team will upload their homepage at later. So far the page is really boring, and no picture of Sergey Lagutin either, but hopefully it will be much better as soon as they add the full details. My hope is something similiar to the Saxo Bank's page but we will see.

But I could never seem to say the things I needed to

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Spanish Pro Continental Contentopolis-Murcia squad has decided to sign Spaniard Mikel Gaztañaga, who has raced for Agritubel this year. They have also signed Javier Benítez, who won stages in the Vuelta a Chihuahua this year, and Francisco Pacheco who has been taken five victories this year, they are split among the Vuelta a Extremadura, CT Correios and Volta Portugal. They also signed local Claudio Casas, who has been racing for Andalucía Cajasur during the two last seasons.

I told you yesterday that Fuji-Servetto has signed U23 World Champion Fabio Duarte from Colombia. They have also signed Australian William Walker from Rabobank. Other new signed riders for this season is also Ermanno Capelli, Eros Capecchi, Arkaitz Durán and Beñat Intxausti. The teams start to get ready for racing next season.