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What it all comes down to is that everything's gonna be quite alright

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Thomas Dekker was found positive for dope a couple of months ago. An anti-doping laboratory in Cologne, Germany, made an analysis of a test conducted on an out-of-competition control in December 2007. The test result became famous just days before the Tour de France started; a race that the Dutch cyclist should race. Silence-Lotto removed him from their Tour team and suspended him on July 1. Yes, it took a while for them to realize that the test was positive, right? But really, it's quite good, no? Suddenly it is possible to find out, afterwards, that athletes have doped. The tests are getting better all the time, and that's a good thing.

It has been believed for quite a time that the test would have been positive but they couldn't find out for sure before they looked at Dekker's blood profile in his biological passport in 2008 and 2009.

Now Thomas Dekker has announced that counter-analysis has confirmed his positive test for blood booster Erythropoietin (EPO). And he also admitted his mistake. He "acknowledges that he has made a mistake, he takes full responsibility," his lawyer Hans Van Oijen said in a press statement. "Thomas Dekker regrets his mistake; he will apologise and be held accountable, where possible."

In the press statement, Dekker said the drug use was a one-time mistake and that he wants to return to cycling to prove he achieved his past results because of his talent and his teams' help. He will probably be suspended for two years, at least one.

Dekker rode for Dutch team Rabobank at the time of the test. He was later sacked by his team. They said he had had "abnormal blood values" from that year's Tour de Suisse as justification for its decision. At the start of this season Thomas Dekker joined Silence-Lotto.
"I am sorry this happened, of course," said Silence-Lotto's team manager Marc Sergeant, "It's important to remember that this occurred when he was a member of Rabobank, but it still doesn't make the news any less disappointing."

Dekker is a two-time Dutch time trial champion and winner of the 2006 Tirreno-Adriatico and 2007 Tour de Romandie. He took bronze in the U23-World Road Race Championships in 2003 (a race won by Sergey Lagutin) and one year later he took silver in the road race and time trial for U23 men.

I'm lost but I'm hopeful

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It was really nice to swim today and it really helped me to feel okay again. But God knows that I have been annoyed.

Anyway, Norwegian Frederik Wilmann will leave his team Joker-Bianchi and start riding for the Professional Continental Skil-Shimano for the 2010 season.

This year Frederik Wilmann won the French Mi-Août Bretonne stage race and a stage of the Tour Alsace. The Joker-Bianchi team was a Continental team so now he will move up to a higher level. The Skil-Shimano raced in the Tour de France this year.

Frederik Wilmann is a climber so he will likely ride the tougher races in the year. But surely it is hard to say how he will really deal with the biggest mountains, or as a professional, since he has never really tried them, at least not when it comes to the bigger competititions, like  Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré.

Wilmann's father, Jostein Wilmann, was a professional cyclist. He was the first and only Norwegian to win the Tour de Romandie and Setmana Catalana in 1982.

Some people are really dumb, no?

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Argh, some people really knows how to make me angry and upset and so terrible annoyed that I lose all interest to everything else. And the worst thing is, I must work with her too. And it just doesn't work. She says that she does everything, but I haven't seen her doing much.

Yes, she did a couple of phone calls when I had the common cold because I couldn't speak. But yesterday I did pretty much all phone calls. I have been searching for companies, I have been searching for their financial statements and found them all (no matter how much difficulties it has been), I posed the question when interviewing the lady today, I wrote down the answers (and still I remembered all interview in my head), I wrote the article. And still this person told me that I have done nothing. Well, I wonder one thing? What has she done? Yes, she made a couple of phone calls. Yes, she posed some questions during the interview and yes, she wrote down some answers too. But when we should start writing the article then she disappeared. She didn't care at all, so when I told her that we should work together then she said "we are working together", well, when? Because I haven't seen any collaboration at all between us. I have just seen that I have done the work and she has been out smoking or talking in her cell phone.

I know, I shouldn't think about it, but it makes me upset, because I know that it is not true. In reality I should feel pity about her, but I don't. I just don't want people to tell me lies. And lies make me hurt.

I should go to the swim hall now and hopefully I have forgot all this story later, because I will need to focus this evening when I will finish the article. Love you all.