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What can I tell you? It has been a boring day when I have written the first six answers of 20 questions in a test about Central Asia's older history. Surely I could have done many more, but I need stress to get ready with tests, I just think it's boring to make them when I have too much time. And nothing seems to have had happened in the world of cycling either. Hayden Roulston has signed with Cervélo TestTeam. Two years ago he announced his retirement after health concerns but now he will return to competition again. At the Beijing Olympics he took silver in the individual pursuit and a bronze medal in the team pursuit, so at least he has not been completely out of racing.

Roulston was New Zealand's brightest prospect in 2003, and that made him secure a contract with Cofidis before signing with Discovery Channel in 2005. The next year he would race for HealthNet as Discover Channel choosed not to sign him again following an assault case after a late-night incident at a bar. But when a medical examination revealed irregular heart activity he advised to stop riding immediately. He was diagnosed with arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia, a condition which left him short of breath, pushed his heart rate to dangerous levels, and put him at risk of dying every time he got on his bike. Still he managed to become the New Zealand national road race champion that year. And he also won Tour of Southland and Tour of Wellington titles in 2006 & 2007, so he has never really stopped racing. Earlier this year he also won the UCI's Oceania Tour title.

So now he is back in the professional road racing, and I believe he has medication for his disease nowadays. it will be fun to see him again 'cause it has really been long time.

They don't know the truth

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Hi, today has been a day without news, except for doping rumours. I don't want to talk about them before the tests are straighten out. It is rumoured though that riders from Ag2r-La Mondiale, Saunier Duval-Scott, Team Columbia, CSC-Saxo Bank and Gerolsteiner are involved, but that does not mean that they actually took CERA. People love to blame people in advance, and I do so too sometimes, but this time I will take it easy. It is also rumoured that some of the names of these tests belong to the stars. It's possible that some of these riders have really doped, and that will hurt terrible, no matter who they are. It's scary that both Team Columbia and CSC-Saxo Bank are mentioned, as these are two of the teams which is said to work the most with anti-doping. If this is a total lie, how can anybody ever trust the cyclists of any team? No matter what, this already hurt and my heart will be aching even more if the riders have been doped with CERA 'cause that means they have really been idiots. Sadly athletes dope and no matter what sport it's always terrible. Stop using dope, and start respecting yourself and your own level.

Do you know what it takes?

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ISD-Danieli Team will be an Ukrainian-Italian squad and will be based in Tuscany and be led by team manager Angelo Citracca. Giovanni Visconti (Quick Step) will ride there but also Maxim Belkov (neo pro), Volodymy Dyudya (Milram), Dmytro Grabovsky (Quick Step), Andriy Grivko (Milram), Denys Kostyuk (ISD Sport Donetsk), Yuriy Metlushenko (Amore e Vita), Ruslan Pidgornyy (LPR), Alessandro Proni (Quick Step), Leonardo Scarselli (Quick Step) and Emmanuele Vona (neo pro).

I am thinking that perhaps this is a team good enough for Sergey Lagutin, especially with some people speaking Russian and the other speaks Italian, plus he already knows Yuriy Metlushenko from his years in Landbouwkrediet-Colnago. And I do believe he would have chances to win races and so on, as they don't have many leaders in the team. I think he would fit in well, but it would almost be a too easy way, he needs a challange. So I would prefer a little bit bigger team, but I honestly do believe he wants some Russian-talking people in his squad. I don't know if Cycle Collstrop will continue one more year, if it will then he shall of course stay. If he must leave, then I would be happy if I could find out where he will ride soon.

See you later alligor.
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