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Oh my God, I feel like a child at Christmas eve. A good news after all the talking about Paolo Bettini. My favourite cyclist Sergey Lagutin finished in the bunch at the 44th position. He's compatriot Vladimir Tuychiev finished 21.57 minutes after Bettini but at least he finished the race and he ended up at the 71th position. Congratulations.

Sometimes I know it?s hard to trust you

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Oh, so I should be in high spirits, should I? The cycling World Championships is completed and the winner of the Elite men's race was Paolo Bettini. Whoever could have won and I would have smiled my biggest smile but I don't smile when I saw him winning. He is a sweet guy, yes he is. And he is super strong and incredible and he can win huge races. But I am not happy. Not at all. He is super strong and he attacked many many times today so he surely was the strongest rider. Something is not right though with him, and that is my reason for not being too delighted. First of why don't Bettini want to sign the full UCI anti-doping agreement which makes it compulsory for every rider to provide a blood sample before Sunday's race? Any ideas? And why did Patrik Sinkewitz said that Paolo Bettini and Davide Bramati provided him with testosterone gel when all three rode for Mapei/Quick.Step? And why did Sinkewitz later on deny what he had told the German television broadcaster ZDF? And why did Paolo Bettini call Patrick Sinkewitz a couple of days ago and had a not so friendly conversation about Sinkewitz story? Do you wonder what Bettini said, well, it went something like this "If you did not give these statements, as you say now, then deny them immediately," He is said to have told Sinkewitz. "On the other hand, if you have made these charges, then you have to take the responsibility for them yourself. Have you spoken to no one? Then where does this story come from?"

 I wonder if Bettini wants to scare the young Sinkewitz. It would be terrible if he did but I am no longer surprised by that kind of behaviour. But who knows? Perhaps I am wrong and Bettini is just as good as an angel. Well, who knows?

But I will still continue with seeing him as a doper for a while as Bettini was the only rider who did not inking his name on the UCI's anti-doping charter without being forced to do it. I think it is totally crazy. Why would anyone, who is not doped, saying no to a good thing like that? If a rider is clean what is the problem then? Surely the UCI has no legal right to force riders to sign the document or prevent them from racing if they don't sign, but it is important to the fans to know that their favourite riders are clean. At least it is important to me, and Bettini has always said No to signing papers against doping. How can fans trust him then? How can anyone believe that he is clean?

Bettini was firstly very clear with that he was not going to sign that agreement but as Quick.Step - Innergetic Press Officer Alessandro Tegner explained to said

"He [Bettini] agreed with all the ethical parts of the UCI charter; he agreed with the DNA testing," said Tegner this morning. The issue was in regards to the legal aspects of the UCI's charter, such as asking for a rider's salary if he was found positive. Bettini believed that many factors could play into a rider's positive result, and that the rider should not be automatically be stripped of his wages."

Do you know what I think? He was forced to do it. Why would he otherwise not signing the paper before the press wrote about his bad behaviour against the cycle sport? I do find it difficult to believe in such thing, but surely I am happy that he has signed the paper now and hopefully he lets the doping agencies take his DNA-test when required.

Second, I believe in Patrik Sinkewitz and I'm 100% sure that he told the truth when saying that "I had Italian riders, who took care ... of this testosterone gel. I could name names, too, Bramati and Bettini." I wouldn't be surprised at all if Davide Bramati comes out in a couple of years time and tell everybody that "I did dope during my career". I wouldn't. I like Bramati but even with him things have been strange. It seems like he has been a little bit to quite in the fight against doping. Maybe I am wrong and then of course, sorry Davide Bramati but I want all sportsmen to be honest. If they have doped during their careers then it is better to tell it now rather than waiting until they are all gone and forgotten.

  I wish Sinkewitz will continue speaking about the doping issue and never stops speaking the truth even if he is threatened by his former colleagues. One thing is true from my side, I will never stop loving cycling but I will always be honest with me and Paolo Bettini did not deserve to win the World Championship today.

Who will win?

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The Elite men's road race World Championship is under it's way and I certainly enjoy it. I won't speak for too long as Eurosport has taken a break during two hours so I will go to the kitchen and do something else but enjoy your moment. Sergey Lagutin is doing great and hopefully he can show the world how amazing he really is. Plus the Swedes of course. See you soon. Love// Elin