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Alejandro Valverde Belmonte won Liège-Bastogne-Liège yesterday when I was at the supra. Very good. And Sergey Lagutin finished 39th. You are the greatest. Love!

Things I dislike with Georgia.

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Today has been a strange day. Walking alone in Tbilisi is perhaps not the safest way of getting around here (especially not as girl) but at least you will be able to see things which few other have seen. Sadly it has been very hot and it was not possible to walk too long.

This morning I woke up quite late. I was not out and the club yesterday but I felt like sleeping. I went out to the parc where I sat down writing. I had quite a lot to write so it felt nice to be able to finish at least one day's diary. But then a man came and started talking. I answered his questions and all by a sudden he wished that I should eat some Georgian dish with him, but I said no. After a couple of minutes he came to me again with these big pelmenis which he thought I would eat. It tasted okay, but nothing I would order again.

Okay, so then he leaved me again and I could write some more, but after about 30 minutes he came back and started to massage me. I said no thank you, but he continued. And as I kept saying no thank you and he continued, but even harder, then I have him one slap in the face and then another until he leaved me again, so by then I walked away. I like Georgian people, but why can't they let me be?

Instead I started walking and walked 10 kilometers before being back home again. I bought a bottle of water and some chocolate so I wish the rest of the evening will be relaxed. Love

The Lost Cyclist forging the snowy fields of the Near East

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I have to write for two days now. So I will start being telling you what happened yesterday and then continue in another entry about today. Okay?
But first, Saturday night I went out with two men from Canada. It was fun to hear their story about travelling.

So this is what I wrote yesterday but sadly couldn't save here.
"Hello, so let's speak about today. I will try to be short as I soon has to leave. Tonight my class mates and I (perhaps also two guys from Canada) will go out and celebrate Queen's day at a club. I can't understand why today, as the national day of the Netherlands it at April 30.

Okay, so I woke up this morning and was wondering what I should do. I had been out yesterday with the two boys from Canada so I was a bit overjoyed.

In Georgia it was Easter day and I was invited to go to Giorgi's home for celebrating. But after a cup of tea and some cake we went to his uncle. And there we had a supra, which means a party where you eat a lot and
drink a lot. Fun. But I found it hard to be there and not be shy. People were not exactly speaking English and a girl had to translate for me. I could not at all be part of the conversations and it felt strange. But I had a light flirt with a man, who looked like an ice hockey player in Belgium. But he spoke no English so that was it. Otherwise I could have talked to him. Instead he sat staring at me all dinner and I stared back. I also learned how to make khatchapuri, the national food, but I don't think I will cook it for my parents. It is perhaps not the healtiest food that you can eat.

Okay, I have to leave and I promise I will not buy any beers today. I will just be there and chill out.

Ps. I have got a very nice red egg today. I hope it will not broke before coming home, but it will surely do. Or it will turn rotten and smell bad. Hope not.