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The most terrible...

Category: Cycling

A Swedish cycling talent, Emil Lindgren,, was robed yesterday when he was out training alone in the Netherlands Antilles; they stole his bike and threw stones at him. He's not hurt but shocked, which is a normal reaction. His bike has been found and polices are now searching for the two men. It's actually scary, I mean, whatever could have happened, and he was lucky that nothing serious happened. Make your best and recover well; I would die if something like that happened to me.

Sore throat

Category: Life

My throat hurts, I can speak, but it feels like it's swollen. I hope it’llbe better tomorrow when we're going to eat Korean food. 'Cause I don't feel like sitting at home, guess I'm going to party anyhow, but I could be in a better mood.

Sasha called me again; he had been in Astana with his younger brother, that's why they couldn't call me.

Yeah, d'you know what's happened? Somebody knocked at the door, and disappeared. I opened the door, but guessed it was the cleaner who had knocked at another door, so I closed the door again and took my garbage out to the container. And noticed it had probably been the post man who had knocked at my door. Exciting?

New York Rangers won tonight, 5 - 1 against Islanders. And all Swedish papers has wrote about Jaromir Jagr, who's the very best in Rangers history, get a new scoop please, to often you talk about the same thing forever, and it annoys me.


Category: Life

I think it's time to sleep soon; I'm just very tired and actually a bit hungry, so why don’t I eat? Because I'm tired of course...

Tomorrow, I'm going to decide where to go under the holiday, two weeks with nothing and I'm going to go nut, again... I will check out if there is some cycling around, or maybe go to Monaco to check out some foot. I don't know and we'll see then. If you where in France, and you'd been there for six months, what would you do?

No, time to sleep and try to learn some French pronouns, do you hear? I hardly knew what a pronoun was when I lived in Sweden, now I actually read those grammar books and understand the words. It was a great experience.

Ps. Listen to Little Sister by Rufus Wainwright, I like that song, I always feel like dancing or something when I hear that song.