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De som inte vann

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I just realized that I have forgotten to recommend a really funny book for all Swedish reading pro cycling enthusiasts. Last week I got Gabriella Ekström's De som inte vann (which means "Those who did not win", and I am laughing all the time while reading it.

I haven't laughed this much over a book since Team On The Run: The Inside Story of the Linda McCartney Pro Cycling Team, by John Deering, and trust me, I don't only read cycling relative books. Most fiction books are not written to be recognizable.

And that's the difference between De som inte vann and all other books I've read this year.

De som inte vann touches all thoughts that I have had myself. Have you ever visited a hotel where a cycling team live? Have you seen the small notes outside the hotel door or inside the elevator or the lobby that tells in which room a rider is sleeping? When the book's main character's, Mathieu Talabardon, get the feeling that he is not expected to find the room without that note, I started to laugh so much that my stomach hurted. Yes, I have thought the same at moments.

For a couple of months now I have been thinking about writing about eating disorders. Since I have some food problems myself, apparently it is called selective eating disorder, I can recognize myself in different people's strange diets. One of the diets could be called candy diet and is not non-existent in the cycling peloton. I don't know if Gabriella Ekström is aware of it, but at least she mentions it when one of the book's riders get stomach ache after eating too much licorice.

I can also say that the writing is good, however not perfect. I still think it is a perfect book though, as it mentions all those topics that we have all been thinking of so many time. I'd love to know what you guys thought about it, so if you've read it, please tell me.

Home again

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I have been back since yesterday evening but couldn't write you anything. I have to eat breakfast now as I am hungry but I promise that I will speak about Uzbekistan and cycling.

Yes, I can tell you, by the way, Fabian Cancellara won the Elite men's time trial world champion and it is always a joy to see him winning. Plus he is really good in time-trialing.

A feeling indescribable to me

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So I have found a place to sleep when going to Gothenburg so it feels okay, and hopefully it will be fun to meet up with some authors and possibly speak to a couple of publishers. Sadly my favourite author Paolo Coelho won't be there but I bought a book by him today. The Pilgrimage.

I already have the book in French but it was so discounted that I just had to buy the book. Plus I bought The Russian Revolution by Richard Pipes, these two books cost 70 Swedish crowns, about 7 euro, so I found no problem in buying them. Plus I really want to have both books.

I will not buy any more books now, but I'll have to be careful with my economics. Well, maybe I'll buy the text- and exercise book in the Russian language, but otherwise, no, I won't buy any more books and I will be very careful with how much I pay for food and sweets. And I will definitively try to get rid of my sugar addiction.

Like now, when a classmate and I went buying masses of candies. Of course I try to tell myself that I won' t eat everything today and unquestionably I won't, but I won't have anything left tomorrow so I just have to discontinue my candy eating.