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I'm still alive...

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I will write some words, just so people know that I am alive. Somebody asked me why I never write something. So to A, I'm back.

I will go to Avignon tomorrow, and meet my Chinese friend. Love him!

A ton étoile

Category: Life

Hi, I'm supposed to go to Martigues tonight, and I can almost make a phone call in French, but my French still sucks.

I'm listening to the music from Les Choristes, and I will check it out at Tuesday. I've never seen that film, but it's a popular film down here, especially the sweet, Jean-Baptiste Maunier (, Morhange as kid, so popular in France... and God, that kid know how to sing.

Okay, Kirill will be home from the hospital tomorrow, and Sasha can go home to Hamburg. It feels good
because then I know that life will be normal to him again. I like you Saz!!!

No, I think it's time to go and do some shopping. Love

Yeah, I forgot to tell you about Sergey Lagutin, he's not at all in form and seems so be TOO shy. Okay, he's never good in time trial, but he seems to be tired (jetlag?) and a bit, don't know, his rhythm isn't the same (I saw a video from Tour of Georgia, and something wasn't right). Sergey, take care of you.

Do you want to party?

Category: Life

We should climb the Sainte Victoire, but we should have climbed up earlier in the morning, I tell you about yesterday a little bit later. Instead we should go to a museum in Aix, but it was closed. So we went to Marseille instead.

Okay, now I must tell you about yesterday. We went out to the big park and had a picnic, and the Frenchman came and I got a bit annoyed, but what the heck, I can live with it.

After about four hours in the sun, we went home, ate and Sara's telephone called, so we went to a friend's apartment and drank some beers, and fooled around. Checked out a movie called "Euro trip" and I started to talk to a cute Chinese. But I felt it would be better if I just became his friend,as he was very nice and a very talkative guy, which is good, but not really my type of guy.

And today, or maybe yesterday, we should climb the Sainte Victoire, but we went to Marseille and we ate the hamburgers at McDonalds (McDo or which my friend says, Mackidonkan), and I promise you, they had some of the worse paintings at the wall which I ever have seen. God, I laughed to death; sadly I just have a picture at it which I cannot show you. But if you ever go to Marseille, and the first McDonald's, close to the train station, go to see them yourself, it was me and a guy with curly hair who couldn't stop laughing. He took a picture too... which made all those stuff funnier than ever. Maybe I can show you the picture when I come back to Sweden.

However, we went to buy some CD's. Yeah, some... Maybe it became too many, like four. A CD with J.J. Goldman, the song Là-bas is great, just as Jaroslav Plasil said (Samuel Dumoulin too). And then I bought a CD with Noir Desir, I love their song called Le Vent Nous Portera, but also a CD with modern French songs, which was called France 2006. And then a CD with Mary J. Blige because Sara had found two CDs which she would like to have, and if you bought three they became cheaper, but honestly, Mary's not one of my favourite singers.

Okay, I tell the rest a bit quickly because it's night and I need to sleep. Come on, I'm tired but I don't want to write about three days tomorrow.

We went to the harbour, and then too the station and went back to Aix, because we wanted some time at home.

But the telephone called so suddenly we were supposed to drink tea with the Chinese boys and yeah, we said sure and started to redress and you all know how girls get foolish when they supposed to do something with people, and we changed clothes, and some make-up and we brushed our teeth and fixed our hair, it's just foolish...

And then down to the guys and some kisses on the cheeks (we're French now), and then to the tea house. "My Chinese boy" and I were talking and we went close to each others, because it's something stupid which I do nowadays. My class is dangerous, because they walk so close to each others, and I've started to do so too. I hope all Swedes can take it, 'cause I like it.

We went to the salon de the and we ordered some tea, and all was kind of strange, when me and my Chinese boy sat together we almost touched each others hair and it was just strange, like what the hell is happening, why does this happen? I changed place after a while because my legs were too long. The Chinese boy is almost as tall as me, but his legs are not that long.

The tea drinking wasn't that exciting, and we left late but come on, why not? And when we left, the Chinese boy (I cannot give you his name, but I can fake one, so from now on he is Pierre) and I started to talk and walk close to each other again. And because we went so close to each other, he took my hand and it felt so strange. Pierre, I know what you are going to say but it was a strange situation.

So we walked together, holding hands and talked a bit. Maybe we will check out some film this weekend together. Oh, I think he has fallen in love with me, but hey, who didn't know that already?

Sara and the other Chinese guys (from now on called Henry) talked about us, why Pierre was in love with me, but fine... He liked me because I was quiet and speaks with a Swedish dialect. But not only that, dance too... But Sara finds Pierre more interesting than Henry.

No, Elin, time to sleep, and tomorrow we will go to IKEA and go to a Laverie, because all clothes are dirty. Love/Elin