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Totally weird

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Tomorrow I will visit the University for the first time and have a meeting with my class mates and teacher. I still can't believe it and still feel that I have nothing to do, but from now on I will be quite busy. I will study both Central Asia studies and also Russian language. So next time I'll go to Uzbekistan I will be able to talk much more freely with the people.

It feels really weird. I have never studied at the University before and don't really know what to expect, but I hope you all support me in this crazy challenge. I hope it will be fantastic though, and thankfully I am rich this month so that I can buy everything that I need tomorrow, like cards to the train, the metro and of course books.

Time for some tea.

Can you feel the love tonight?

Category: School

Hi, I am here again and it has been some days without internet. After all this is Georgia and things are not always as easy as in Sweden.

In just a couple of days time I will travel to Uzbekistan and to be honest, it feels weird to think about it. Am I really going to go there? I have been waiting in so many years now, and it feels like if I am ready for this. In all sort of ways, I know that I can handle all situations well. But my worst fear is that I will be hungry in Uzbekistan and not be able to find food. In Turkey you could buy bread everywhere and here in Tbilisi you can find bread pretty much everywhere, or a place to buy chocolate or something but I don't know how it is in Uzbekistan.

Hopefully I will be able to write more soon. But just so you know, the weather is good. My body likes to walk in this city but sadly it feels like if I have done everything here now. Except meeting that guy from Croatia, who is long-time observer of the election. We will see if he has time to do something, after all many of us in the class have talked with him at CouchSurfing and we are interested to know more about his work.

Things I miss from Sweden is the chocolate. But otherwise I am not sad at all being away.

See you tomorrow I hope.

From this moment on...

Category: School

It is morning again and we shall move out in two and a half hour. But all my class shall move to a hostel closer to the city so of course we will get more out of our trip here. At least we don't have to take a taxi wherever we wish to go.

And yes, I will perhaps not be able to write to you daily, but as often as I can.

See you soon.