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It was quite fun that a birthday can be a trademark.
Sergey Lagutin (Uzb), 14-ene-1981™ - Chocolade Jacques Wincor-Nixdorf

I wonder if poor little Sergey is sure about it himself. He has never raced for Chocolade Jacques either.

In 2004, I guess there was a lot of Uzbeki racers, and most of them has continued since. A little list.
Otherwise, racers from Uzbekistan
Sergey Krushevskiy (Uzb), 19-may-1976 -
Sergey Lagutin (Uzb), 14-ene-1981™ -
Rafael Nuritdinov (Uzb), 12-jun-1977 (retired since 2006)
Denis Shkarpeta (Uzb), 9-nov-1981  - 
(Damir Iratov (Uzb), 15-ene-1978 - Marco Polo CC - Giant Asia Racing Team
Kahraman Mominov (Uzb), 11-ago-1972 - Giant Asia Racing Team)

Yuriy Ivoljatov* (Uzb), 2-jul-1984
Konstantin Kalinin* (Uzb), 24-may-1985
Muradjan Khalmuratov* (Uzb), 11-jun-1982
Alexander Lagutin* (Uzb), 27-abr-1985
Denis Prokopenko* (Uzb), 3-feb-1983
Ulugbek Salamov (Uzb), 18-sep-1979
Vladimir Tuychiev* (Uzb), 23-mar-1983
Vladimir Tyajelkin* (Uzb), 18-nov-1984
Konstantin Volik* (Uzb), 18-may-1984

A cycling new

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Josè Rujano Guillen (Ven) will leave Quick Step after only 6 months and will join Naturino-Sapore Di Mare. First I thought he was kidding, but now I'm sure he's not. And I really wonder why he will break up with Quick Step, he tells the media that he's not happy with the team and so on. But I guess the reason may be found further (or closer inside) away.

He said
"I want to say thanks to the riders and the staff of the Quick Step-Innergetic team,"
"Unfortunately, I haven’t succeeded in reaching the objectives that I was me preset with the team because of some personal problems that have conditioned my season. I wish the team all the best for the next season."

So if I would meet him now then I would ask him why? "Why are you going to chance team? Tell me the truth!"

I wonder if maybe he has broken up with "his boyfriend", or if he hasn't felt secure. No, it's a tough question but I guess the reason is himself. He ´has lost his confiance by some reason and sure he has to find it again. Good luck José!

I will freeze to death if I stay here

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Okay, so we went to Haparanda and Torneå today and sure, I know what cold is and I hate the cold but today was a real nightmare. My whole body was freezing, there was not a single part of my body which didn't freeze though I was dressed as you shall in cold weather.

So even if I have wondered, before, if I could make this weather and now I'm almost sure, no I won't make it but sure I can make this school and I will. And I will be a trainee for a news paper next year and I will be a trainee for a cycling magazine in my second grade and when I'm finished in Sweden. Then I will go to Spain and study sports journalisms and all by a sudden I will work for a paper and write about cycling. Of course I will, because I really want to write about cycling.

No, of course the weather isn't too nice then I can always live and if I could handle France why couldn't I handle Kalix and the North of Sweden? Of course I can make it, because I'm a strong person. I'm only silly when I tell you I won't.