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Jarno Trulli wears Danilo di Luca

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Isn't he a beauty in that jersey. Jarno Trulli is friend with Giro d'Italia winner Danilo di Luca and therefore he got di Luca's pink jersey. And his helmet was probably the coolest that I've seen so far in Formula 1. I love to see any one wearing such thing again. I mean more people must be honoured. Don't you think?

Michael Schumacher - Goodbye

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He'll retire

Category: Formula 1

And I'm very, very happy. And very pleased.... And I feel lucky and well, I feel like I'm a bit in love. Why? Because I feel so relaxed, all because of Sergey Lagutin, it really feels great that he's in Europe and he's doing fine and I have missed him SO much.

And I've just heard that Michael Schumacher will retire in the end of the season. Which wasn't at all shocking, because I've already knew he would talk about it, today. Really, who didn't? I haven't checked out the day's race but I know that he won and I know there's just two points along to take the first place from my favourite, Fernando Alonso. I guess Schumacher will win the Worlds as Alonso has had bad luck since they banned the "wings", which Renault used in the beginning of the season. After banning those "wings" Renault hasn't won a single competition, so it's sad.

"It’s been an exceptional time that motor sport has given me and I have loved every moment - the good and bad. They are what make life so special." / Michael Scumacher, who will retire in the end of the season.
Schumacher has been a great champion and a great racer, and great star. It's sad that he has decided to retire but yet I feel happy 'cause nothing could be better to him. He needs to be with his kids, to spend time with his wife and his friends, and get a normal life, outside the Formula 1-circus.

He started to race in 1991, and now he has felt that the time is right to retire. "During his 16-year career, Schumacher has driven for Jordan, Benetton and Ferrari, won a record 90 Grands Prix and taken seven world titles - another record." (
Isn't it special, it's amazing how good he has been, but in the same time, the last two years seems to have been bitter and I have felt that he lost his power, and all by a sudden I just wanted him to end his career.

At the press conference he wanted to thanks everybody, his family, friends, fans, as they have helped him to continue at the top for so long.

"Particularly, I want to thank by Dad, my passed away Mum, and my wife and kids, who all the time supported what I was doing. To survive and to perform would have been impossible without them. I can't thank them enough.

"Also to my mates at Benetton and Ferrari. I have so many friends there and it has been a really tough choice not to work with them at this level any more. They're just so great. The day has to come though, and I feel this is the moment."

Sportsmen often continues their careers for to long, let's mention Mario Cipollini, who continued and it was dishonouring, he couldn't do anything in the end of his career so all I hoped, the last couple of months were, please Mario, stop dishonouring yourself and wake up and retire.
The same thing with Mr. Schumacher, he had to stop, even if he could continue for a couple of years and still make results then this is the top level where he wants to be, otherwise he just hurts himself. So thank you for making a great decision, it really makes me happy. Even happier, if I can be happier than now, I'm not sure about it.

/ Elin