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Earlier dental problems stopped Cavendish in Tour of Andalusia

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Mark Cavendish has had dental problems so his winter season wasn't very good. The cyclist of HTC-Columbia couldn't finish the Ruta del Sol, but he was happy that he could debut the season at the Tour of Qatar.

The Manx rider was one of 19 riders who couldn't keep on. One of them was the time trial winner Alex Rasmussen (Saxo Bank). 61 riders finished the stage, so many riders have left at this point. Has it been an extremely tough race? It doesn't really matter, Cavendish would probably have had difficulties anyway.

"It's over now and my condition's improving fast but it was the worst pain I've ever felt, it hurt so much I was crying like a baby," Cavendish told the Independent.

"Once I had a wisdom tooth out without anaesthetic, this was more painful. The infection killed the nerve on one tooth and another had to be taken out. There was one point where to swab it they had to cut it with a knife. The truth is that I wouldn't wish the pain I felt on anybody."

Michael Rogers of HTC-Columbia won the Ruta del Sol. He also had a very good time trial. Time trial is often extremely important for stage races. There is always an advantage if racing well at time trials. But well, we all know that it works well even without talent. Andy Schleck is proof enough.

Back again

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From now on things will be funnier to read. I promise. I don't work and I am back from my vacay. So I will have much more time to write.

My trip to Spain and Morocco was fun, even though Spain was much more exciting than Morocco. In Marrakech, it was constant stress and I don't understand how anyone can enjoy it. Atlas Mountains and the desert was fun though. And it was nice to see so many Berbers. They really have an exciting culture.

Anyway, it made me happy when Vacansoleil and Skil-Shimano received a wild card to the Amstel Gold Race. The race will be held April 18. Also other teams will receive a wild card, but so far those teams have not been named. It will likely be the Professional Continental teams BMC Racing Team and Cervelo TestTeam, but perhaps the race organisers will choose other ones.

Traveling to Spain/Morocco

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Just a short little note. Just hours before traveling to Spain / Morocco. We have a snow storm, but I hope it won't be much problems.

I am not that nervous at this time, but who knows, I have never been in Spain, nor in Morocco. Spain is nothing different to the rest of Europe, so I am not that worried about it. But hey, Morocco is a bit more scary. I can't really say why. The thing is that I am normally nervous before my trips. I think of the risk of being robbed. When I finally arrive to the new place I feel completely secure and barely lock the door.
Well, have you guys ever been afraid before traveling? Have somebody ever stolen things from you during a trip? Or have you ever lost a bag during a flight?
See you in a week's time. Love you all! And please, can you write a comment here every day and tell me the result of Vuelta ao Algarve? I want to know the winner and the result of Sergey Lagutin, can you please? It doesn't matter if ten people tell me the result, really, just do it.
/ Elin Lännholm