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Could he really be a doper?

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This terrible story about Floyd Landis makes me sick, I always tries to trust everyone, and I normally I don’t accuse people. Except for what I told you about Nicolas Jalabert (Phonak Hearing Systems) yesterday. But testosterone, are you crazy? I read the paper today (Sörmlands Nyheter) which normally doesn’t write a word about cycling, and today it was a notice and a column. They blamed all cyclists for being dopers and I think it is shit, because cycling is so much more than doping.


The columnist, Tomas Larsson, said that “even a faithful cycling enthusiast like him started to get tired by all the doping”. I will become a sport journalist in a couple of years, and I can already say that I will never write things like that. Because first of, I love the sport and I will never get tired of it. Second, they found dope in his urine / blood so he might be suspended. Think about it, a lot of people can do their sports without anyone finds out that they’re dopers.


I know some (many?) cyclists are dopers, and I get sick of it, but I’ll try to be happy that some of them get caught, and can’t continue to dope themselves. Hopefully, other cyclists will be a bit frightened, and stop to do drugs, or maybe understand that it’s not worth being a cheater. The ones who checked out the World Championships in Hamilton, Canada, in 2003, and saw when David Millar won the Time Trials, was he happy? Not at all. Couldn’t everybody understands that he was sad? He had won the World Championships but he wasn't happy, because he had doped himself. He couldn’t smile, and I understood that something was wrong (again!), and as we now know; he was doped!


But what’s hurts the most? Probably that everybody speaks about the dope problems in cycling, but I’m sure it is a whole lot of doping in ice hockey too, and they don’t do a lot of tests, so the players can be doped during all their careers and nobody will ever notice, does that feel better? Is that the kind of sport’s world you want to live inside, a life where everybody can dope themselves to death without it being notice? Would all the fans be happier by then? I don’t think so!


Of course you want them all clean, but it will always be cheaters and it’s sure a pity. I just hope everybody could become clean, or at least cleaner, but you never know. Hopefully there will be less doping cases next year. 


Landis said on the press conference that he had naturally high testosterone level. Okay? I remember that Max Sciandri had a naturally high testosterone level, and UCI knew it. In John Deering’s book “Team on the Run”, Max Sciandri had ones being tested positive but because people knew about his problems, he had a certificate who said it was naturally, they could prove he wasn't doped. So maybe Floyd Landis can show us one of those certificates so nobody have to wonder? 


Oscar Pereiro Sio is not happy about Landis’ positive drug test, as Pereiro never had the change to celebrate the victory in Paris. He rather stays second and waits for celebrating his real victory next year. I understand what he means, it must have felt the same for Denis Menchov when Roberto Heras had tested positive.

Ps. Sergey Lagutin came in on a second place in Tour of Toona. He's a great cyclist, and I wouldn't like him if he was doped, so I hope not. 

Who's doped?

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Normally I hate to condemn people, but now it has happened. Doping exists and when they arrested Manolo Saiz and Fuentes, I got shocked. And then they found some code names and everybody tries to break the names, me too, I didn’t get shocked by most of them which we now has heard about. Though I cannot believe Birillo is really Ivan Basso.

Then last night I found out that one of the cyclists who had performed in the Tour de France had been tested positively, so I thought it might be Nicolas Jalabert, because it wouldn’t shock me at all. I did like him before, then he became different and I just couldn’t trust him being clean anymore. I saw him in Ronde d’Aix, but he seemed much closed and it scared me totally. He wasn’t really concentrated; he just seemed very paranoid, paralytic, unsteady and gauche and I wanted to tell him to relax, he seemed really unstable in himself, like he had done something wrong. There’s a lot of things which could have happened, but I got scared the same day as he signed with Phonak Hearing Systems, I wasn’t at all happy about his chooses, and I really had wanted him to stay in Team CSC, as they still feels like a more relaxed group. But whatever happens I hope everything will be okay, and the next time I see him I would rather see a strong and calm guy who seems like having control.

But today when I checked around I found out that Floyd Landis is “gone”, he never showed up at a competition in Acht van Chaam, in the Netherlands, and he will probably not show up in Silkeborg, Denmark, either. Maybe he has gone to see a doctor who can help him with his hip? Maybe he’s the one who was doped? I don’t know, but I hope he will show up and speak out about it.

Sergey Lagutin is doing great in the United States, he’s doing the Tour of Toona right now, and he seems in a good condition, and he seems happy. He has really done well this year, and the Navigators have been a great team for him. I hope he will continue to do great, and I hope everybody will see how great he really is. The funny thing with him is that you never know whether he will be great or quite good or poor in the Time Trials and Prologues, it’s not really he’s strongest part of cycling and of course it’s not a novelty, and I must say that he has learned how to deal with the Time Trial, he’s a lot stronger nowadays than the last two years. Sadly he didn’t become the double Uzbek Champion but he still wears the wonderfully beautiful Uzbek National Road Jersey and he looks so good in it.

Well, the truth is told about Floyd Landis, he tested positive for testosterone, so my feelings about his absence was (maybe) true.

Another friend

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Another friend
Another guy, with who I didn't speak too. He came from the area, Beaumes de Ventoux but I first thought he was some kind of Colombian rider. The jersey looks a bit like that. But he wasn't. What was so funny was that he followed our car for some times, I guess we had him in front and back of us four times during our tour up the mountain. We took two pictures of him, but sadly I didn't speak to him. He was young so in some years time we might see him in French cycling, maybe he does some racing for some French Elite 2-team, which wouldn't really shock me, he was fast...