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Do you know what it feels like to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed?

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Islam, no sorry  Ruslan Karimov won the Uzbek road race Championship a couple of days ago, today? Sergey Lagutin didn't went there, which feels both good and bad. I am always so worried when he goes back to Uzbekistan, in the same time I'm always very proud when he wins.

Ruslan Karimov is a wonderful little boy. He's about my age, around 21, and I think he has been to Italy this year. He has been strong and as always he deserves the victory. I hope we'll see him soon in Europe. It's always good to see those youngsters who want to become professional, they have so much power inside them.

Ps. Islam Karimov is the president of Uzbekistan, and I'm totally sure he don't have a lot to do with cycling. Sorry Ruslan, I didn't mean to use the name of another person.

Please, explain it

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A question: Why do some fat men walk around at McDonalds without shoes? The two we saw had legs covered with sores and had very dirty feet. I was disgust. Why would anyone like to see that they haven?t cleaned their feet that day? I just don?t understand it, or is it just me who rather see people wearing shoes/sandals than having to see dirty sole feet.

Love love me, love love me, love love

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Veronica Andréasson woke up last night for a short while. She recognized her boyfriend Gustav Larsson, which feels fine as she hasn't injured that part of the brain. She has been awake today too, but I hope she gets enough rest. I believe she will be quite recovered from the crash, and I hope she'll be on her bike soon. I remember when a ski jumper, can't remember his name, but he came from the Czech Republic and has gorgeous looking eyes. Once upon a time, in January/February/March he fell of the track and hit his head a couple of times in the ground. I screamed, I yelled, I couldn't look at it. Even though I only saw it on telly my heart was breaking. I felt pity for this young man who fell and was unconsciousness when the paramedic took care of him after his tumble. He laid in coma for a couple of days, his brain needed to rest. His family was there and looked after him. I was shocked at first because things may happen. The ski jumper could have died because of that crash. He could be paralyzed or afraid of heights. His life could have changed completely, and all you could do was look at the horrendous crash without knowing a thing on what he was undergoing and also his family. The young ski jumper is currently in good health, he is back in training and he looks relaxed. I'm confident the same thing will happen with Veronica Andréasson. It feels good however that she woke up and that she recognized her boyfriend. But things will turn out to be better with her for every day and that makes things lot easier today. It was terrible to hear that she was in hospital after crashing with a car before the start of the Swedish Championships. But it feels much better now.