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I can actually hear what people are telling me now. I'm very glad I can.

Otherwise I'm still a bit depressed. Something isn't as it should be, my teacher didn't sound to hopeful when she spoke to me. I guess I'm afraid 'cause she don't seem to believe in me. I must do my article without being stressed or feeling ashamed, maybe then I can think positively. I hope. I hate doing nothing, that's when I get depressed, when I don't do anything and don't have much time to be lonely either. But what I need is work, otherwise I cannot live.

Life is depressing.

I wish you a better Christmas next year

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Crashes for Sinkewitz

By Susan Westemeyer

It may not have been the merriest of Christmases for Patrik Sinkewitz, but he was thankful just to be around to celebrate it. The T-Mobile rider was out driving his Porsche on Christmas Eve when he lost control of the car on a curve on the icy road in Fulda, Germany. He crashed into an electricity distributor and caused an hour-long blackout for the area.

The damage to his car and the distributor was estimated to be about 17,500 Euros.

It wasn't his only crash, either, also crashing with his bike. "I crashed just 500 metres away from the house," he told the Fuldaer Zeitung. "Fortunately I was wearing my helmet."



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Everything is boring and I'll get tired by it. My ears are still bad and I have to go to the doctor tomorrow. Boring, hopefully I can hear what people are telling me tomorrow,