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Bos targets more victories after best season yet

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Theo BosThis season, Theo Bos won over a quarter of the Belkin team’s victories.

Bos ended the season with 12 wins this year. His team Belkin finished with 38 in total.

In 2014, he targets to win even more.

“The team just want me to win a lot of races, as much as possible,” Bos told Cyclingnews.

Next year, Bos will skip the Giro d’Italia and instead focus on the first half of the season. He will then, perhaps, return to the Vuelta. His thinks that a Tour de France slot is a long-shot.

“I think it’s better to just set some goals for the first half of the season. I have to make a big improvement to go to the Tour though. It’s a dream for every cyclist but I have to be realistic. I’ll not do the Giro though, it’s a hard race.”

“I think in 2014 I need to do the same as what I did this year in terms of trying to win from the start of the season and win a big race,” he said.
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