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Giro d'Italia organiser proud of Phinney's stance against doping

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A while ago, Taylor Phinney said that many riders in today's peloton caffeine and pain killers while racing. He said he doesn't do it himself, but was worried that other riders use them too much.
Taylor Phinney
Michele Acquarone, the director of the Giro d'Italia, has praised Taylor Phinney and some other young riders for their stance against doping. Also Peter Stetina says he never use pain killers or caffeine, but says he once did and felt really bad about it because in reality, he would have recovered much faster if he hadn't taken it.

Marco Pinotti, Greg Henderson, David Miller, Marianne Vos and Marcel Kittel have since supported the two riders on Twitter, and now Acquarone says he is happy and impressed with the position that these riders have taken against doping.

"He said he was happy to finish fourth in the Olympics, knowing that he competed clean. That's a great thing to say and perfectly represents the true spirit of sport," Acquarone said to Cyclingnews.

Phinney won the opening time trial stage in Denmark at this year's Giro d'Italia and he wore the pink jersey for three days. Phinney finished the Giro in 155th place, more than five hours behind winner Ryder Hesjedal.

The thing about cheating is that you know you're not really worth the victory.

"What's happened in the last few weeks has made me think about when I ran the New York marathon," Michele Acquarone said.

"I could have got in a taxi to miss out a long section of the race and then jump out just before the finish to win. I'd become known as the fattest ever winner but I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror. I hope the new generation of riders are able to look at themselves in the mirror and be happy with what they achieve in life, rather than trying to more money and see their names in the media."

"I think they've learnt a hard lesson this time with what has emerged about the past. It's a difficult moment for cycling. But as long as there is just one rider with the right mentality and they really believe it, I'll support them and organise the Giro d'Italia for them."
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