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Tony Martin will start stage 2

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Tony MartinIt did not look good for Omega Pharma QuickStep's Tony Martin yesterday. But the team has now confirmed that Martin, despite the injuries after the crash, will start Sunday’s Tour de France stage.

The World time trial champion was taken to hospital after the stage. He had crashed heavily. At hospital, he was diagnosed with a concussion and contusion on his left lung. There was also tissue damage on his hip, left knee, shoulder and back.

It sounds crazy, but a team spokesperson says that Martin will start and has been cleared by the team’s medical staff.

“He will start,” said the spokesperson.

“This morning he’s smiling. I won't say he's relaxed because of what he went through, but he has been able to eat and last night he was able to sleep. It’s hard to say if he can finish the stage today but the most important thing is to try. He’s put a lot of energy into this race. If he doesn’t feel good he’ll stop."
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