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Okay, the cycling season is over for this year so few things happen. So there will be a lot of talk about doping, okay, there has been lots of doping talk all over the season too but I think it is good. If the dopers get caught isn't it a good thing? We get rid of them, right? So I am just happy and the doping controls seem to work quite well. So I am not sad at all, just happy. The only news which scares me though is that Andrey Kashechkin is ready to present his case that doping controls violate basic human rights. The rider was tested positive for blood doping in August and I am 100% the boy has doped in his career and i just find this whole case so phoney, but still it could be a dangerous one 'cause if he would win then it would mean he has killed the cycling sport. And I love the sport too much.

But I would speak about another doping case today. Italian Luca Ascani tested positive for EPO (Erythropoietin) after winning the Italian national time trial championships. He has now been heard by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) anti-doping prosecutor Ettore Torri and the rider stated that he never took performance drugs according to La Gazzetta dello Sport. But it feels very strange if he hasn't, he has been tested positive for EPO and there must be a reason, no? Well, I want him to tell why he was tested positive if he hasn't used doping. He faces two years suspension now and Ettore Torri will hand over adecision to the Italian cycling federation (FCI) disciplinary commission in the following week.

I do not know if Luca Ascani is serious when he says he never took drugs before the race, but I am sure he did. But if he didn't tell the truth then he is not the only one, but the funniest news (I am sorry, I am strange) is that Tom Anderson, co-founder of MySpace, has lied about his age. I love it.