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I'll die tonight, I think

Category: Life

If you would look at me right now you would probably see those very tired eyes and a person who looks hungry. I’m starving. I’m still in school to write an interview so I don’t have to think about it later. I won’t finish it today, but I guess I’ll be ready tomorrow morning, which feels very nice. I had a very nice and long conversation with one of my class mates so I’m trying to make something of it, and I hope it’ll become a great text, but then I have to sleep.

So the days subject has been "Coma" and unconsciousness, the story? I’m writing a new novel and it’s about a young fellow which goes a boxing match and gets assaulted by a "Player", suddenly he faints, and the story is really about waiting for this guy to wake up from the sleep, how will his friends and family react? How will his life become if he ever wakes up? I can’t forget when Saul Raisin fell of his bike and was nearly dead for a while, when it was life and death, you get so worried about everything and even if I haven’t been sitting there beside a man in coma, I think I can tell the story because my friends has been on hospital, my mother has broken her ribs etc. so I know what it is to be afraid. Okay, that’s everything for today. See ya!