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Fränk Schleck banned

Category: Cycling & Doping

Andy and Fränk Schleck in 2009 Tour de France.Fränk Schleck has been handed a one-year suspension by the The Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency. Schleck tested positive for Xipamide during the Tour de France in 2012. Because the ban has been retrospectively applied by the Disciplinary Board, the RadioShack rider will be free to ride after July 14, 2013. This means he will miss this year's Tour de France.

Fränk Schleck could have been given a maximum two-year penalty, but due to the extremely low amount of the banned substance, the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency handed him a one-year ban.

"Of course I am disappointed by the verdict that has just been announced. I think that the decision to suspend me during one year is too severe considering the fact that the Council acknowledged that I unintentionally consumed a contaminated product. Unfortunately the provisions of the UCI are such that an involuntary contamination is sufficient in order to pronounce a punishment," Schleck said in a statement.

“However I am relieved that the judges acknowledged that the present is not a case of doping and that I had no intention to enhance my performance. This is very important for me, my family, for my team and all those who support me”.

“We will now analyse the decision in detail and decide on potential further steps. However I bear a positive aspect of the decision in mind: the judges acknowledged that I am not a cheater.”

“I wish to thank all my friends and fans who kept their faith in me during this tough period.”