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I am back, but it's pretty annoying as there seems to be some kind of problem with Internet Explorer, which I usually use because I have all my links there and so on. But anyway, I will try to make this work. This morning I told you about Team Milram's line-up to the season 2009.

Luca Barla, Gerald Ciolek, Markus Eichler, Robert Förster, Markus Fothen, Thomas Fothen, Johannes Fröhlinger, Artur Gajek, Linus Gerdemann, Christian Knees, Christian Kux, Martin Müller, Dominik Roels, Matthias Russ, Ronny Scholz, Björn Schröder, Paul Voss, Fabian Wegmann, Servais Knaven, Wim Stroetinga, Niki Terpstra, Martin and Peter Velits, Thomas Rohregger and Peter Wrolich are all part of the team next year. Most of the riders come from Germany this year and only one rider, Luca Barla, is Italian. Last year the team had an Italian license and 15 Italian riders, but next year only Luca Barla will stay. It will surely be a fun experience for him.

Linus Gerdemann and Gerald Ciolek will be their big leaders. But it wasn't that easy to sign Gerdemann as he still had one year left at his contract with Team Columbia, finally they succeeded though and now he is part of their squad.