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It has been a day full of doping again. It's sad. And it's sad that the other three dopers from the Olympic Games have not yet been mentioned. Or yes, they have been mentioned but not confirmed. It is said that it is Greece's 2004 Athens Games 20 km walk champion Athanasia Tsoumeleka and Croatian 800 metres runner Vanja Perisic, but also another person has tested positive but I don't know who it is.

Anyway, the Giro d'Italia starts in a couple of days and director Angelo Zomegnan promises there will be no room for cheats. This is of course easy to say, but it's difficult to catch the dopers. I think they will work as hard as possible to find all cheaters though.
"During the Giro, the UCI [International Cycling Union] and CONI [Italian Olympic Committee] will make use of the newest methods. If you want to come to the Giro to cheat, you are forewarned," Zomegnan told La Gazzetta dello Sport.
"We have been working for months with the experts from CONI, FCI [Italian cycling federation], UCI and WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] to make the Giro and Italian cycling a secure product."
He also spoke about Davide Rebellin, who won stage seven in Monte Sirino and spent six days in the race leader's maglia rosa, twelve years ago.

"He is still presumed innocent, but in the past there were certain tapes that involved him [apparently Rebellin and his wife were filmed at the offices of Dr. Lazzaro in May 2001.] and that was never completely cleared. I am sorry to hear of his positive because Rebellin really seems like a good guy."
But I wish them all the best and hopefully they will catch the cheaters.