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I'm Glad There Is You

Category: Life

I don't know but it feels like I'm not myself. I can't recognize myself in the things I do. I forgot the time, so I was late to school which made my teacher nervous. And I couldn't really concentrate the first half hour in school; I just chewed at my pen and hoped I would be somewhere else. It's only one week left, and it feels strange. I want to stay here, because everything's so different here. Can somebody tell me what is left in Sweden? The meatballs? Palle Kuling? And my family? If I want I can do the meatballs over here, I can buy Palle Kuling (candy) when I visit Sweden and my family is always there whatsoever. So there is no reason to go back, NO REASON at all. And it makes me annoyed, why will I go back to a country which I don't like? Somebody out there who can give me a job, abroad?

Otherwise, I went to Géant today and had some fun :) I would look for a gift to the family which I will meet tomorrow. I must have had a great time, because I came home with a lot.
Computer game (ProCyclingManager) Yes, I'm a nerd!
Chocolate from Milka, Fondant Noisette
Candy from Haribo, World Mix
Soap to mum, smell of lavender
10 razors, it was a good offer, and ”buy two and we give you eight".
Lip Balsam
Three pens, Pilot G-2 XS
Washing-up liquid, which was red, and smelled like strawberry.
Wash off! Gel nettoyant, a crème for young faces.