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A short update

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Today I haven't felt good at all. Yesterday I suffered a mild concussion and today I feel really sick. I vomit, my neck and head hurts after falling off a stool and landing on the broken parts of it, I feel tired and haven't slept well at all. No, this hasn't been my day, but at least now I have the energy to do something.

This week has been quite chaotic with a million of things to do and next week will not be any better.

I was trying to find flight tickets to Belgium or France next Saturday, to go to Paris-Roubaix but at least from the airport in my city, there was no air planes to those countries that day. If one of you readers, in Sweden or Denmark, will travel to Paris-Roubaix with car and you have a free seat, please could I come with you? Send me an e-mail at

See you tomorrow with more news about Tour of Flanders.