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And in the night you are my dream

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I just must say that I am extremely happy now after finding that blog and finding Sergey Lagutin but also Aleksander Lagutin's blog and their friends of course. It has been fun to look at the pictures and so on.

I guess I should be pleased that someone at the French Wikipedia wrote an article about Alexey Ashuraliyev (or Ashuraliyev Aleksey as they call him). It's not even an article, it's just a picture and some few facts about him so it's really strange that it still exists. Anyway, the article lead me to search for the name and he was living in France at the same point as I was. He was riding for Le Cheylard, where Aleksander Lagutin spent his year too.

No, now it's time to relax and try to sleep. I know it will be impossible to sleep when I feel too happy, but my body needs it. My legs are so tired after today, I have no idea what I've done but they are so stiff. See you tomorrow.