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Will Contador sign with Saxo Bank?

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Alberto ContadorBjarne Riis hopes to sign Alberto Contador in the next few weeks. Contador can return to cycling in August after his two-year retrospective ban has ended. Contador had signed for Riis but due to the Spaniard's ban after testing positive for clenbuterol at the 2010 Tour de France, the team had to release the rider. Now, the team wants him back.

However, it seems like a number of teams, including Astana, RadioShack, Movistar and a new Spanish team, are interested in signing the rider.

Team Saxo Bank's current sponsorship is coming to an end this year, and Riis is surely a bit worried about the future. But maybe Contador's signature could mean a continuation of Riis and Saxo Bank's relationship. Just as it was in 2011, when Contador came to the team.

"When I have something concrete to say then I'm going to say it," Riis told Cyclingnews. “We're working on it and of course I want him to stay in the team. This is what both parties want. Of course there's lots of speculation but I have good feeling."

Before his ban ends, Contador can't really say much about where he will ride when he comes back. But it seems likely that he will re-join the Danish team.

"There have been reasons for that. As far as I understand there are also the UCI rules that we have to follow on what we can do. Hopefully we'll have something soon but I'm looking around."