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Söderling did the unthinkable (again)

Category: Tennis

Exactly one year ago I wrote a post about tennis player Robin Soderling and now it's happening again. He won the quarter-finals at French Open today over world number one Roger Federer. It is so fantastic that I can hardly understand it.

Soderling has lost 12 times to Federer but now it finally was time for the Swede. He played great tennis. The Swede won 3-1. Not bad.

I don't care much of Swedish athletes and what they are doing. I love Russia and Uzbekistan much more when it comes to sport. I am Swedish though and surely you hear all names when you walk around the city or read the news paper. I am proud when athletes like Gustav Larsson, Thomas Löfkvist and Robin Söderling win stages or competitions or whatever. But I wouldn't care less if some boring old football team wins something.

I won't say much more about it, but hey, I like when Robin Söderling beats the greatest tennis players of today. I was extremely happy when he beat Rafael Nadal last year, but this victory was almost more fun.

Both times, however, he has surprised most experts by doing the unthinkable. The things that no one in their wildest imagination would have hoped for. And it shows that Söderling is better than you can imagine. He will become something big one day, but he must take care of his knee.

Love/ Elin