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What makes me sad today

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I just noticed one thing. If you search for anything at Google nowadays, like about cycling and you see a link to my blog then you will see a note telling you the site does not exist. It's sad, because I notice myself that I have less readers than before. The reason is that changed editor and therefore everything disappeared over one night. Of course I have nothing to do with it and I am very sad about readers who don't find my blog anymore. I wish it will change soon and I hope everybody will be able to find my blog and be able to read it. The adress is still

Love/ Elin Lännholm
Idag ska jag försöka komma till Casino och handla lite,
eftersom frysen numera går att öppna så kanske man kan handla vissa saker


  • John Renz says:
    2008-06-09 | 01:51:11

    Just type in Google "Sergey Lagutin Sweden" and you will always link to your blog. Go Sergey!

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