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A Swedish cycling talent, Emil Lindgren,, was robed yesterday when he was out training alone in the Netherlands Antilles; they stole his bike and threw stones at him. He's not hurt but shocked, which is a normal reaction. His bike has been found and polices are now searching for the two men. It's actually scary, I mean, whatever could have happened, and he was lucky that nothing serious happened. Make your best and recover well; I would die if something like that happened to me.


  • Chris says:
    2006-03-30 | 15:34:05

    Thank you for the comment. I found a Swedish friend in New York and asked her to translate your blog for me, and I found a computer translator on the internet, but it wasn't very good.

    But now I see you are writing in English, so my understanding is much better.

    I believe you are correct that Sergey's brother is named Alexander. A simple mistake but an important detail in the story. Thank you for the information. Does Alexander ride for the Credit-Agricole development team?

    Russian is a difficult language to study and learn, but it is relatively easy to speak. I am sure that if you used to speak the language that you can bring it back into your brain with some daily practice.

    Central Asia is a strange and wonderful place. When you have the opportunity to go there, do not hesitate. I lived down in Kyrgyzstan for several years in a very strange town called Osh. You can ask Alexander about it if you get the chance to speak to him. It is about the same size as Ferghana, but Osh is still in the 15th Century.

    Again, very nice to meet you. Thank you for the comment and information.


  • Chris Baldwin says:
    2006-04-01 | 00:47:27

    I needed to tell the story of American cycling and how it is more popular now than 10 years ago. The fact that the former under-23 world champion has come to America to race is important in that story, and so Sergey's arrival here helps, I think to tell that story.

    Plus I know the Navigators quite well, as I have met Vassili Davidenko and Oleg Grishkine in years past. I am in New York City and they are about 40km away in New Jersey, so it is easy to find them and speak with them.

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