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Franco Pellizotti to ride with Androni Giocatolli-Venezuela

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Franco Pellizotti will stay with the Androni Giocatolli-Venezuela team until the end of 2014.

"It's not a new contract," said team manager has Gianni Savio. "Franco signed this contract just before the National Championships. We added a clause that if he could sign a better deal with another team, but only if it was a WorldTour team, he could leave."

Team Astana announced in August that the team had signed Franco Pellizotti, but recently they decided to part.

"It's with some sadness and a heavy heart that we will not be racing with Franco Pellizotti next year," Astana's general manager Alexandr Vinokurov said on the team's website.

Pellizotti would not be eligible to ride for the Kazakh team before the 2nd of May 2014, due to MPCC [Movement for Credible Cycling] regulations.

Androni Giocatolli-Venezuela is also a member of the MPCC, but Pellizotti's contract with them is not new, according to the team's statement. This means that rule that Pellizotti is not eligible to ride until after two years after his ban expires, does not apply. Pellizotti was banned for irregularities in his biological passport, and he joined the Androni Giocatolli-Venezuela team before it became a member of the MPCC.
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